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Steve Crum Might Just Inform You of the Ending in “Space Adventure”

In response to Steve Crum’s 542‑word review of Gravity on

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Steve Crum has produced one of the most horrible “Gravity” reviews available with his latest offering “Crum on Show Biz: Terrific Bullock, Clooney headline super space adventure Gravity. “ 

Space Adventure’s appearance is just plain lazy. Everybody knows that Blogger has a variety of options that one can use including the “dynamic” feature. To make it worse, there is a complete absence of images to make for an exciting reading experience. Crum’s final product is a testament to a critic out of touch with modern times.

Although the opening paragraph of Space Adventure is decent, one will be alarmed by the lack of a clear statement or introduction. Crum awkwardly jumps right into the plot, and the feeling conveyed is not suitable for the classy reader.

By the second paragraph of Space Adventure, one may be confused with the phrase “audience involvement,” and contemplate the possibility of a interactive viewing experience. Crum clears things up somewhat, and proceeds to produce another decent, but far from great, paragraph of plot summary.

There just isn’t much to see here. Crum fails to inform his audience of the director’s technical achievements, or lack thereof, or even a solid construction of thoughts on the main characters.

If the main content of Space Adventure wasn’t enough for one to look elsewhere, the critic offers you some final thoughts on what you can expect from the final shot. The visual imagery of the ending is downright offensive.    

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