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Scherstuhl’s “Kick Ass 2: Superheroes vs Meaning” Is Navel Gazing at Its Finest

In response to Alan Scherstuhl’s 958‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Village Voice

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Alan Scherstuhl’s (try saying that three times fast) “Kick Ass 2: Super Heroes vs Meaning” goes beyond the film and looks into the greater subject of vigilantism, and in an interesting turn of events critiques both the film and society.

Alan takes the task of movie reviewer one notch up and instead of being contented with critiquing cinema he goes on ahead and navel gazes for a bit; waxing philosophical on the subject of peoples inherent need for good ole fashion country justice.

In doing so he never comes off as too preachy. He also doesn’t take his social commentary far enough, probably because he is reviewing a film along with. The two subjects meld together in such an enjoyable manner that you will all but forget that you are determining whether or not you want to see a film.

His review takes a contrarian stance and instead of praising the predecessor he explains to us why the sequel is superior, which, based on the glut of reviews, does not seem to be a popular consensus.

Alan argues his point cogently and convincingly enough that some will forego popular opinion and see the film despite all the negative press.

Our writer does an excellent job of keeping a consistent tone throughout and really drives the central question of vigilantism home. He never really answers why this worldview exists and leaves the reader to draw his own conclusions.

What we have is a review that does a great job at explaining why the film is good, but takes that extra step and decides to go waist deep into the societal issues surrounding the particular film its reviewing. Its a triumph in more ways than one.    

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