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Pete Hammond’s “Gravity Review” Creates Curious Presentation Questions

In response to Pete Hammond’s video review of Gravity on Movieline

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This review entitled “Gravity Movie Review” by Pete Hammond is a straightforward piece of intellectual critique.

The review is in the form of a video and coming in at three minutes and forty-four seconds, the viewers will surely leave with a mouthful of information. Hammond is extremely thorough in his review touching base on everything from the works of the director, the specific acting techniques, the special effects, etc. Not only does he discuss every aspect of the film, but gives details about why he does or does not like the work.

The delivery of these critiques is slightly bland. Hammond lacks charisma and sounds as if he is simply reading the review instead of speaking to his audience. This begs the question of why he chose to read the review instead of write it, however the information provided is adequate.

Because so much detail is given throughout the review, there are several moments that feel as if too much information is being given away. It’s as if Hammond throws his audience right into the film at several crucial moments and (luckily) pulls them back out right before it becomes too late and the surprise factor gets ruined.

Hammond’s intellectual and professional take towards cinematic criticism cannot be argued against, the choice of presentation however can be.    

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