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A.A. Dowd’s “Toronto 2013, Day Two: Prisoners” Bloviates Ad Infinitum

In response to A.A. Dowd’s 1952‑word review of Prisoners on AV Club,102580/

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A. A. Dowd’s “Toronto 2013, Day Two: Prisoners provides American genre thrills, while 12 Years A Slave gets the pundits bloviating” is not a review of Prisoners beyond paragraph four. After that, Dowd merely discusses a small tribe of other movies—for a very long time, making his review of Prisoners nothing but a side-salad without dressing.

Dowd watched Prisoners at a Canadian film festival, which provides a seemingly interesting context for his experience of the film. Unfortunately, this context attempts to provide a unique set of reasons to watch the movie.

Just when you think you could be reading a good review, Dowd gives an exhausting list of comparable films so reminiscent of poor reviewers that it plunges into the depths of movie review mire. Unlike the context, the content of the review where Dowd actually discusses Prisoners is nothing more than the verbal equivalent of a movie trailer.

Dowd is undoubtedly an accomplished writer, but this particular review should not be considered a review of Prisoners. The review also shows a captivating picture from the movie, but the review itself is desperately far from captivating as Dowd’s review is only good for a very specific audience, and certainly not intended for the potential movie watcher interested in the Prisoners experience waiting at a theater near them.     

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