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Duane Dudek’s “Muddled, Hackneyed” Flees From Analysis; Talks TV Instead

In response to Duane Dudek’s 479‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Whoa. What happened to Duane Dudek? The critic dances around analysis in his latest work, “Thor: The Dark World too muddled, hackneyed to rule,” and should be called the new Fred Astaire of film criticism.

Duane Dudek doesn’t know what to say about the film in muddled, hackneyed, so he resorts to vague descriptions and questionable humor, which becomes quite annoying when he begins to write about the Green Bay Packers. Focus, Dudek, focus.

Character analysis? Apologies, reader. Analysis is not available in muddled, hackneyed.  The nearest approximation that Dudek can muster is a lackluster listing of the various supporting cast, complete with an adjective each.

Yes, characters are seen in the film and you heard it first from Duane Dudek in muddled, hackneyed.  What else? The critic describes the plot, describes characters and avoids anything that might resemble critique. One will sadly learn nothing about the direction of Alan Taylor, but Dudek notes that he “directed a ton of great television.”

After paragraph upon paragraph of almost nothing, Dudek feels the need to get cute with his close and says the film “can’t see beyond the tips of its hair extensions.” It’s a whimper of a conclusion that puts an end to a 479 word whimper.    

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