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Mark Dujsik Risks Much in “NEBRASKA”, Ultimately Hits Pay Dirt

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 1062‑word review of Nebraska on Mark Reviews Movies

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In “NEBRASKA”, Mark Dujsik embodies a soft and subtle approach that succeeds marvelously.

His style will no doubt polarize his audience. Some will admire the nonabrasive, respectful gentleness he treats his subject with. Others will rebuke it in favor of a more critical assessment. But one hazard both sides will dread is his ability to amicably resolve the tension and anticipation he builds. Fortunately, the audience’s concern will be for naught, as he delivers a mostly concise, engaging analysis—one where the payoff is worth the wait.

Dujsik has the ability to seduce readers instantly with his writing, and retain their undivided attention for extended periods of time. This talent can either be a tremendous asset if used properly, or a cruel letdown if not. Fortunately, he uses his powers for good.

With every syllable, he creates a lush, inviting universe full of intrigue and possibility, while simultaneously adding an undertone of urgency that slowly builds. He maintains that tone throughout, ultimately culminating in a conclusion the audience will surely find satisfying and worthwhile. It is a difficult approach to pull off, even for apt writers like Dujsik. But it is a beautiful result when it works.

And work it does in dazzling fashion. Dujsik has created a masterpiece that stands alone, while simultaneously compensating for any failures of the past. Indeed, it is a welcome rarity, and proof that the art is far from dead.    

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