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Jeff Meyers Is a Modern Mozart of Film Criticism With “Prisoners”

In response to Jeff Meyers’s 589‑word review of Prisoners on Metro Times (Detroit, MI)

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Jeff Meyers composes a legendary piece with “Film Review: Prisoners.”

The legend of Meyers continues to grow with this impeccable work that will not only inspire, but endure for years to come. This is truly a “where were you” moment that will undoubtedly lead to fascinating anecdotes in the world of film criticism.

Everything looks wonderful from the start. The C+ grade at the top will catch your eye and instill curiosity about what the master is about to dish out. The five paragraphs are tight, and there is an absence of flashy one-liners to amuse—and potentially abuse—the mind of the reader. Meyers gets it and we are all better as a result.

The opening paragraph will surprise as one may think that the critic is about to rip the film based on the grade, however the true gentleman known as Jeff Meyers delivers a tale on all that is good about the film. It’s a honest moment, and one may have to step back before continuing on this journey.

After the shining open, Meyers gets real with the film and writes piercing words about the the running time, the stagnant state of the characters, and the general creepiness of the film. He doesn’t waste any time, and his analysis is sharp-witted, tasteful and memorable.

“Film Review: Prisoners” by Jeff Meyers is an instant classic.    

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