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Stephen Whitty Crafts a Masterpiece in “‘Out of the Furnace’…”

In response to Stephen Whitty’s 601‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Newark Star-Ledger

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It’s a rare breed who can breathe life into a craft that is over 100 years old, much less create such a beautiful piece of text that stands apart in an overly-saturated market. But that is indeed what Stephen Whitty does in “‘Out of the Furnace’ review: Christian Bale takes on a Jersey gang“—his latest work and one that is sure to garner him much acclaim.  

The first aspect most readers will notice is the author’s ability to instantly draw attention to his work. He first baits the audience by asking a question, then follows up that query with common everyday analogies that most anyone can identify with. In doing so, he makes the piece more accessible as well as engages the mind, which is then more open to accepting and understanding the assessment that follows. It also makes for a much more pleasurable read.

But Whitty doesn’t rest on his laurels. Once the reader is ensnared by his considerable powers of persuasion, they are treated to a literary masterpiece of epic proportions as he stimulates and excites the audience with clever wordplay, lush and vivid storytelling and, most importantly, compelling assessment with a satisfying conclusion, firmly supported by solid evidence. He even sprinkles in a few anecdotal comparisons to reinforce the likability he established at the outset.

What manifests from all of this is not only an extraordinary example of literary critique, but a fresh and original approach to the subject. The audience will likely be quite taken by this and not only find themselves enlightened and inspired, but hungry for more.    

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