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Joe Morgenstern’s “The World’s End” Review Is Like a One-Handed Clap

In response to Joe Morgenstern’s 386‑word review of The World's End on Wall Street Journal

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Joe Morgenstern’s “The World’s End” review is oddly placed in a sandwich amongst other reviews. After three firm mouse scrolls, the review can only be found by squinting carefully. The review itself is also essentially untitled and ill-placed on an article web-page that proclaims a title about an entirely different movie.

If the presentation isn’t uncomfortable enough to ostracize the reader, Morgernstern’s review approach certainly is. He twice adamantly focuses on a certain character who he feels doesn’t get enough scenes, which in turn freezes his review into a state of inconsequential opinion.

The brief insight Morgenstern provides at paragraph three isn’t enough to make up for the reviewer’s disjointed and blase account of the film. Morgenstern ultimately states that The World’s End is worth watching, but there’s not enough reason in his review for the reader to believe him.

This reviewer even changes his mind at the end of the article about whether or not it’s important for movie-watchers to partake in the previous two films that constitute what is now commonly referred to as the Cornetto Triology.

This very short and very pointless review doesn’t provide enough relevant information or the adequate presentation necessary to warrant reading.    

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