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Rob Carnevale’s “Thor” Is Garden Variety

In response to Rob Carnevale’s 293‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on The List

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Rob Carnevale returns in“Thor: The Dark World”, but in a mostly unheralded way. Carnevale’s review doesn’t bust through the door or arrive from another dimension in typical super hero fashion. It knocks politely and comes in, wiping its feet and hanging its coat gingerly on the hook.

It’s not that Carnevale’s review is bad. It meets the minimum requirements; the writing gets the job done, it’s a pleasant enough read and it does offer some relevant critique, it just doesn’t do much to distinguish itself from the crowd. There’s a surfeit of reviews and critics to choose from and this overabundance creates a dilemma for the critic; to stand out, they must do something different, be especially creative, or offer insights that other critics miss.

It’s this healthy competition that keeps the medium moving forward. Unfortunately, even though Carnevale has turned in a passable review, it doesn’t reach, or seemingly aspire to reach anything approximating art, and, as a result, it washes over the reader without leaving any lasting impression.

While it does manage to check all the requisite items off the list, it’s unsubstantial, inconsequential work. Like Carnevale’s description of Thor, this one comes off as a “one dimensional hero.”   

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