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Betty Jo Tucker Shows a Lack of Reader Awareness in “Breathtakingly Memorable”

In response to Betty Jo Tucker’s 340‑word review of Gravity on ReelTalk Movie Reviews

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Betty Jo Tucker displays enthusiasm for her loyal audience in “Breathtakingly Memorable,” however readers will feel disconnected with the content, and search elsewhere for a full analysis.

Breathtakingly Memorable opens with a respectable paragraph, but only covers the basics. Readers will be pleased by the early mention of both director Alfonso Cuaron and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezski.

The second paragraph of Breathtakingly Memorable has potential but ultimately disappoints. By this point it will be clear to the reader that the review is lacking any original material.

The work of Betty Jo Tucker could have been improved with an analysis, or at least a description, of what makes the film unique other than the obvious observations. The critic appears not to have a clear understanding of the modern needs of readers.

When one reads Breathtakingly Memorable, the overall lack of content will be apparent, however the devastatingly thin paragraph of plot summary is what makes the review forgettable. There is a complete absence of character analysis. The descriptions are vague, and one will walk away without gaining any valuable insight.

There is potential in the work, and just little bit of commentary could have taken the review a long way. Without this, Breathtakingly Memorable is completely forgettable.    

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