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Joe Neumaier’s “The Review” Is a Frustrating, Weak Effort

In response to Joe Neumaier’s 492‑word review of The Counselor on New York Daily News

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Beautiful images may be the legacy of Joe Neumaier’s frustrating meditation of vagueness called “The Counselor: movie review.” The critic abandons critique, and the reader, by serving up nothing more than a stylish way of saying “I didn’t like the film.” Audiences will be floored by the unwillingness to offer a complete review.

Review is something you might expect from an angry moviegoer, and unfortunately Neumaier’s work falls into the category of critics who feel displeasure is an excuse to not thoroughly do their job. To afford the lead actor Michael Fassbender aka The Counselor one line (“Fassbender keeps things at a low boil”) is simply not good enough. How does the character fit into the plot? What are his motivations? How is the acting? The classic critique easily answers these questions while the average critique uses a throwaway line. Bardem is “fun”? That’s it?

Sure, The Review has a small dose of insight for the reader, which should be expected. At least Neumaier took the time to make the review look legitimate, but sadly the content may inspire the first film review Halloween costume in New York City.

Review is disappointing and barely above average. Strong writing should be utilized to inform the audience, here the writing is neither strong nor informative.    

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