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Justin Craig’s “Vast Improvement” Vastly Improves in a Vast Way

In response to Justin Craig’s 856‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on

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Previous efforts from‘s Justin Craig have frustrated with their carelessness, their sometimes bizarre references, and slight content. “‘Desolation of Smaug’ review: Vast improvement over first ‘Hobbit,’ but cliffhanger could rile,” which is subtitled, “Wait, 13 Words Wasn’t Enough For Me  To Say Everything I Wanted to Say in the Title,” is a different story.

It’s still not plunging into new depths of profundity—keep in mind, this is geared toward dopey Tea Partiers, most of whom read on a 3rd grade level (this is a comedy fact)—but this time out, Craig has at least tried to get as deep as the critiques will go within the limitations of this framework. Evidence of these limitations can be found in the comment section, the denizens of which are up in arms that Craig, a film critic, hasn’t read the book. Groan.  

While keeping the audience’s now hard-wired Limbaugh synapses firmly in place, Craig manages to adroitly cover all the requisite bases of critic in a relatively thorough fashion, giving readers more than just a cursory overview.

The writing is amiable enough and Craig’s breezier-than-breezy prose will please fans and new converts alike with its charming simplicity and fairly effortless flow.     

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