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Lisa Kennedy Entertains With “Visionary and Corny”

In response to Lisa Kennedy’s 484‑word review of Gravity on Denver Post

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Lisa Kennedy composes a crafty and energetic work in “Gravity movie review: Anchored by Sandra Bullock, it’s visionary and corny.”

The full title of Visionary and Corny is spectacular. Kennedy covers the basics for the reader, offers laughs and intrigues by traveling down the road less traveled, aka  Cuaron criticism. How dare one oppose the greatness of the film! 

The appearance of Visionary and Corny is satisfactory, and the overall structure is clean and easy to comprehend. However, some may feel that Kennedy moves too quick, and tries much too hard to be witty, despite an excellent command of the English language.

The paragraphs are typically the same size, which is quite all right, however one will instantly recognize that the critic is going to move from point to point without expanding.

To Kennedy’s credit, the writing is fresh and zippy, and explores territory often left behind, such as production design. Fans of the critic will be entertained by the witty banter, but somewhere Joe and Jane Q. Cinema will long for a thorough look at the content, rather than style. A nod to the cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezski would surely have pleased fans.

Visionary and Corny is worth the read, and the general reader will be entertained, but not necessarily re-born with film knowledge.    

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