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Claudia Puig Is Not Afraid of Smaug or Hobbit Nerds in “Middle-Earth”

In response to Claudia Puig’s 606‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on USA Today

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Claudia Puig dazzles with stories of elf love and epic fails in the entertaining “Smaug is another slog through Middle-earth.” Readers may want to keep a notebook handy to copy down Puig-isms to recite at weekend parties. The writing is fresh and C. P. seems to be saying “Shooot… got this.”

Middle-earth begins with a gentle takedown of the actual scenes involving the dragon Smaug, and readers will be pleased to hear of his “toothy grin. Perhaps good ol’ Smaug will find success in online dragon dating sites when not acting.

Puig naysayers make take issue with the structure of Middle-earth, which seems a bit rushed. Despite covering the essentials, the critic’s work is far from a mind-sizzler although it gets the job done. The critic desribes Gandalf as being an “epic fail,” which is not only hilarious, but shows a great deal of bravery considering all the LOTR maniacs who aren’t necessarily in touch with humor.

Characters are at the heart of Middle-earth, and Puig does a fine job of informing her readers about all the dwarves, and even the inclusion of Legolas (Orlando Bloom). The lead character Bilbo is acknowledged, if only briefly, but Puig resorts to ring talk rather than exploring all his Smaug fears and hopes.

Middle-earth is much more than a formulaic critique. Puig brings a little flavor to the piece and her writing makes it stand apart from other weakling reviews.    

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