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Laura Clifford’s “I Give It a Year” an Effective and Funny Review

In response to Laura Clifford’s 419‑word review of I Give It a Year on Reeling Reviews

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Reeling Reviews’ Laura Clifford will leave you in stitches with her particularly acrimonious review “I Give It a Year”

Short,not-so-sweet, and to the point Laura has no qualms about her disdain for Dan Mazer’s directorial debut. Her critiques come from a real place. She questions the movie from a moral standpoint but not so much that you’ll want to go smash the DVD. Just never buy it.

From the information derived from the review you get the idea that the director is trying to subvert the romantic comedy genre, which could have been groundbreaking or at the very least entertaining; however, Laura feels that he does so in a way that is both ineffective in a romantic sense and unnecessarily acrid in a comedic sense, thus failing on both fronts. Her justifications for these points could have been more fleshed out, but there is still enough meat here to reward the reader for the effort in getting to them.

Overall, Laura put together an extremely effective and funny review. There could have been more in the way of critique, but ultimately our reviewer made it plainly obvious her opinions on the cinematic quality of I Give It A Year. Its a success.    

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