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Sandie Angulo Chen Brings Honesty and Sex Appeal to “Catching Fire”

In response to Sandie Angulo Chen’s 764‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Common Sense Media

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Sandie Angulo Chen writes with a steady keystroke in the informative and thought-provoking “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Parents may feel the need to write an actual letter of thanks to the critic for her watchdog review.

The “What Parents Need To Know Section” of Catching Fire has tremendous value for the concerned parent. The information provided is honest with the parents of the world, but some moms and dads may be slightly scared by the dark themes that Chen describes.  F-bombs, painkillers and romance are all explored by the critic, and the entire section oozes with knowledge.

Chen breaks down the plot in the “What’s The Story” section of Catching Fire, and then gets down to business with “Is it any good?” Readers may feel stressed due to the build up, and the awarding of  four stars will cause some to violently shake from pure nervousness. It’s Hitchcockian suspense at its best, and style is definitely on display in the review.

The actual critique is somewhat of a snoozer but Chen covers the basics on cast, plot and direction. Moms may get all hot and bothered by the critic’s description of Finnick Odair, and dads will surely be pleased to find out that Jennifer Lawrence is more than just a hot bod.

The final section “Explore, discuss, enjoy” contains deep questions for parents to ponder, and should not be ignored.

Catching Fire is a pleasing piece of work, but Chen could step it up with a deep critique to truly offer a unique experience for parents.    

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