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Rodriguez’s “The World’s End” Cleanses the Palate

In response to Rene Rodriguez’s 723‑word review of The World's End on Miami Herald

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Rene Rodriguez is not to be triffled with, and his review of “The World’s End” solidifies him as one of the most zero-BS masters of his art.

Rodriguez does not hammer you with back story, casting, or movie history. He starts with a tale of woe and friendship, sharing the plot synopsis as if he were at the bar and chewing the fat. The unraveling of the tale could have been awful in lesser hands, but by the end Rodriguez has shot a compelling hook at the reader to yank them into the theater to see the film.  

Amazingly, and with style, Rodriguez won’t get to the secret history of the film’s franchise and previous history until the fourth paragraph. It’s a move with brass. Starting a film review with back story, film history, and more, bogs a review down into trivia. They read like homework assignments where the review has to “show their work.” Rodriguez, though, gives story it’s primacy of place.  

Long? Sure. Read it? You should. The final notes, small and critical, are perfunctory and perhaps necessary, but are small potatoes to the grand job Rodriguez has created. Readers who don’t need Easter eggs, factoids, and trivia smacking their face, but want a review that has momentum and daring nonetheless, would be satisfied with Rodriguez in their browser.    

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