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David Nusair Lets the Reader Guess What His Problems Are in “Game Series”

In response to David Nusair’s 278‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Reel Film Reviews

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David Nusair puts together one paragraph of mild critique in his latest effort, “The Hunger Games Series.” The dreamers of the world may find something beautiful in the brief work, but will also ponder the future and the possibility of a more thorough take from the critic.  

Given the short length of work, one won’t find too much summary in Games Series, and Nusair crunches down the plot by simply noting “Katniss’ ongoing efforts at staying alive.” The critic’s makes bold opening statements that are clear about his displeasure with the film, but he is never able to detail out what exactly the problems are.  

It’s quite ironic that Nusair addresses the supporting cast as “one-dimensional characters,” but fails to produce any original thoughts about who they might be. The lead performance of Jennifer Lawrence is also thrown out the window, as the critic can only manage to produce one word—“charmless.” It’s quite ridiculous.

The highlight of Games Series is the brief but enjoyable commentary on director Francis Lawrence. Although Nusair doesn’t break down the film in detail, he does note the pros and cons of the director’s work. Unfortunately, not much else is said about the specifics of the film. It’s just not entertaining, and you’ll have to see the film to understand why Nusair feels that way—because he ain’t tellin’ ya!

Games Series is a decent paragraph of critique, but not enough to make a dent in the world of film criticism.    

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