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Todd Jorgenson’s “Out of the Furnace” Shows a Skilled Craftsman at Work

In response to Todd Jorgenson’s 366‑word review of Out of the Furnace on

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Todd Jorgenson’s “Out of the Furnace” is as good an example of solid, well-structured film critiquing as you’re bound to see. His finely focused prose is wonderful to read.

Jorgenson is not about trying to impress with a flamboyant style—in fact the focused way he approaches his material is just about perfect for the film he is writing about. He starts with a nice one-two punch that tells you, hey, this movie isn’t going to bowl you over with new ideas, but it is going to cover familiar territory with “authenticity” and “emotional resonance.”

Too many critics like to start a review with back story that usually only serves to pad the piece or try to make the reviewer look good. This critic isn’t about that—he is about doing the work, and his to-the-point style serves the work done here well.

Jorgenson breaks things down in a way that is organized but never feels like template writing. Each observation, each sentence, flows naturally from the previous one. It reads easily and fluently. His style is never murky.

His roundup at the end of the piece might seem a little jarring compared to what he has said before, but read on and you’ll see that it makes perfect sense.

You’ll be a better human being for having read Out of the Furnace, a fine example of a skilled craftsman at work.    

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