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Toomey’s “Review: The World’s End” Offers Little Imagination and Even Less Insight

In response to Matthew Toomey’s 592‑word review of The World's End on ABC Radio Brisbane

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Matthew Toomey’s “Review: The World’s End” is a drab, humorless affair so obviously phoned in that one can’t help but wonder if its writer also has a day job as a telemarketer.

Eschewing any insight into the quality or artistry of The World’s End, Toomey instead chooses to punish his audience with a plot synopsis of the film that is heavy on spoilers and light on subtlety or wit.

The review’s amateurishness sometimes borders on cringe-worthy, such as the stylistic choice to use not one but two exclamation points within the span of three paragraphs. There is also a curious use of ellipses in the penultimate paragraph that… really has no reason to be there.

Toomey opens the review by familiarizing us with the previous works of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. Perhaps he should have familiarized himself with the works of William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White.

Unless you want to know what The World’s End is about without bothering to go see the movie, steer clear of Matthew Toomey’s “Review: The World’s End.” It offers a rehash of the plot with only an occasional dash of insight. If it’s a compelling argument as to the film’s merits or weaknesses you’re looking for, you will be sorely disappointed.    

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