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Ian Buckwalter’s “Walk Into More ‘Thor’” Is a Tonal Mismatch

In response to Ian Buckwalter’s 772‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on NPR

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The word that comes to mind when reading Ian Buckwalter’s “Turns Out One Does Simply Walk Into More ‘Thor’” is “workmanlike.” Yes, it’s not a word of high praise. While Buckwalter’s review certainly gets the reader from point A to point B, it does so with disappointingly little personality.

If there’s one thing a review of Thor: The Dark World should be, it’s fun. Regardless of the reviewer’s opinion of the film, there is mirth to be had in reviewing it. That is why it’s especially disappointing to find a review that squanders that opportunity.

Not only is Buckwalter’s review bereft of joy, it also doesn’t make a particularly strong case one way or the other for its subject quality (or lack thereof). It’s a middle-of the road review where the driver is being extra careful not to exceed the speed limit.  Perhaps this approach works for more serious fare, like dramas about infidelity or crime thrillers about child abduction, but when applied to a superhero movie it just falls flat.

What Walk Into More ‘Thor’ ultimately fails to do is justify its own existence. Why read this review rather than one of the dozens upon dozens of other reviews on the same subject when it is so bland and unexciting? The answer to that: Exactly.

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