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Rob Thomas Creates Summary/Spoiler “Art” in “The Midwest”

In response to Rob Thomas’s 676‑word review of Nebraska on Madison Movie

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The latest artistic creation of Rob Thomas, “Nebraska: Once upon a time in the Midwest,” is a messy piece of summary/spoiler art that will surely have its own room in a gallery featuring anti-critiques.

The Midwest has such potential early on. Thomas offers a wonderful header image to his greet his readers, albeit a tiny bit creepy, that says “Hey you, c‘mon in. It’s Thomas Time.”

Thomas  produces an outstanding opening paragraph in The Midwest, which metaphorically connects director Alexander Payne to a Life Bucket. The display of literary prowess is simply touching. However, the vision of the piece becomes apparent if one glances back at the opening sentence. There is no vision.

The Midwest is a massive plot summary featuring minor critique. When it comes to the lead performances, Thomas notes the roles of Bruce Dern and Will Forte as “a masterstroke of unlikely casting,” but says little about their actual performances.

What Thomas does manage to do in The Midwest is spoil a key scene. It may not seem like a big deal to the critic, but the amount of details provided on the farmhouse scene has not been seen by this critic in any other review.

Rob Thomas is widely known to be a legitimate film critic, but The Midwest is highly disappointing. He merely describes what happens in the film, especially in a key scene that should have gone untouched for the innocent audience.    

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