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David Edelstein’s “Bike Shorts” Is a Five Hour Energy Review

In response to David Edelstein’s 416‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on New York Magazine

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David Edelstein is officially the new master of the two realms of review. The critic’s brief but powerful work, “Bike Shorts on Fire,” fails to give his composition a proper name (it sits under another review), but the writing is splendid and reeks of a true intellectual. One may bring the review with them to their next five course meal.

Bike Shorts is only a quick appetizer, but is rich with knowledge that will stay with the reader. The crisp writing explores the bounds of Asgard, and guides the reader to healthy amounts of plot summary and character analysis. Many readers will be initially surprised by the dismissive tone of Edelstein, but the critic eventually tips his hat to the film and the humor that it provides.

Edelstein is well aware of how to please the reader, and his sweet, sweet prose in Bike Shorts will be all the talk in the five burroughs. “Did you catch the new Edelstein?” they’ll say, and lengthy talks will be had over lunch. The potent words of the critic shake off all the unnecessary ramblings of the average review, and seek to please the reader with each and every sentence.

Thor nerds may take issue with Bike Shorts, and one must remember to calm down the Marvel fanatics when they are seen complaining about Edelstein’s short work. Crack the code. Look within. There is so much to enjoy.

Bike Shorts is a dynamic, bite-size review that will satisfy your brain for five hours.    

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