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James White’s “Cloudy” Just Sits There

In response to James White’s 231‑word review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on SFX Magazine

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James White gives it a go in “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 REVIEW” but the results come out a little bland.

Reading his review, one gets the feeling that White isn’t trying very hard or he’s operating under the assumption that this film isn’t worth his time because the whole thing comes off perfunctorily.

There’s no jazz here. In fact, it’s all so monotone that Tim Hecker could do the soundtrack. Wait, that would actually be good in an avant garde type of way.

Yes, White goes through all the necessary motions detailed in the Film Critic’s Basic Guide to Reviewing Film, opening with a one liner or two about this being the sequel to a surprise hit (with the requisite food puns thrown in of course), followed by two paragraphs of regurgitated plot rehash, and a dash of critique thrown in at the end for good measure.

It’s not that the writing is bad. It’s not top tier, but it’s perfectly fine and gets the job done. It’s the spirit of the thing that drags it down below subpar and takes it out of the realm of recommendation.

White has the chops to whip up something better, but here he’s chosen to settle for a frozen dinner.    

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