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Todd Gilchrist’s “‘Ender’s Game’ Review” Skillfully Navigates Content

In response to Todd Gilchrist’s 668‑word review of Ender’s Game on The Wrap

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Todd Gilchrist’s “‘Ender’s Game’ Review: Complex Sci-Fi Adventure That Appeals to Children’s Inner Adults” is a rare example of effortless movie review writing with a butter knife that usually demands a meat slicer.

Gilchrist sacrifices none of the movie’s source material to express its plot and character complexity. He’s successfully created a review designed to attract wide reading audiences, even if a few of them may miss the finer intricacies of the information conveyed. Although he employs a boilerplate style to express the main points of the review, Gilchrist offers honest opinion and genuine analysis that doesn’t plummet into the pit of polemics, thereby highlighting his spot as an accomplished reviewer.

With sophisticated perspectives and a couple of deep insights, Gilchrist provides explanations of a complicated movie world derived from a classic science fiction book. His navigation of content is so skillful that readers may experience a reading sensation similar to that of being on a jet-plane journey of themes, yet this comprehensive, driven style never feels hurried.

Gilchrist applies the carrot on the stick for the reader at every paragraph, which builds reader interest and engagement throughout Children’s Inner Adults. Bolstered by stellar language and clean exposition, the only problem with the review rests with its presentation on a rather buggy, advertisement ridden website.    

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