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Charlie Schmidlin’s “Review: ‘Ender’s Game’” Is Stodgy With Details

In response to Charlie Schmidlin’s 926‑word review of Ender’s Game on The Playlist

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Charlie Schmidlin’s “Review: ‘Ender’s Game’ Starring Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld & Abigail Breslin” conveys lots of information in a not-so-entertaining fashion.

Schmidlin takes numerous and ambitious steps toward creating a comprehensive review of Ender’s Game, providing more than enough plot summary, movement, theme, context… etc. When exploring the psychological and philosophical implications of the film, however, Schmidlin goes overboard and ostracizes the reader, not only with impertinent content but with a clunky writing style. Ill-placed words riddle Starring Asa Butterfield, as do hordes of semicolons and colons that are quite unnecessary.

Glints of intellectual commentary draw the reader in, but only sporadically: Schmidlin definitely has a knack for droning. Because he never lets up on information so that the reader can simply digest morsels of information, he serves-up triple portions that result in tedious processing rather than entertaining engagement. There’s a ridiculous moment in the review where readers may feel seriously duped by the time spent to wade through Starring Asa Butterfield.

Near the end of the review, claustrophobia sets in, making the reader anxious for Schmidlin to just stop writing. As hints are made about a meaningful thematic conclusion, he offers a final sentence readers may liken to a wilted piece of lettuce in a huge salad of content.    

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