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Daniel M Kimmel’s “Ender’s Game” Is a Stellar Companion Piece to the Film

In response to Daniel M. Kimmel’s 680‑word review of Ender’s Game on Sci-Fi Movie Page

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Daniel M Kimmel’s “Ender’s Game” is an exceptional read. There is a large degree of reverence for the film as well as the source material. The critic treats the film as not just an extension of the book but a work of art in and of itself and almost goes as far as calling it the best Sci-Fi film of the year.

Through all this the critic’s love of the genre and the film become the springboard for which he addresses the importance of Ender’s Game and how the issues it attempt to address are relevant in today’s ever growing militaristic worldview.

Kimmel’s frustration that other critic’s  seem to miss the point of the film entirely propels large portions of the review. He writes about the film in a very sobering tone. There are no jokes or quips to speak of, just pure unadulterated critique and deep examinations of the subject. The visuals, the performances, the direction are all given equal praise and the critic spends time explaining why each of these aspects work in the context of the film.

Kimmel’s “Ender’s Game” is a worthwhile companion piece to the film and it serves as a review that is enjoyable for those who have seen the film as well as those that are heading to the multiplex.    

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