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Jim Judy’s “Out of the Furnace” Comes Out Half Baked

In response to Jim Judy’s 732‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Screen It!

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Jim Judy’s back at it again, traipsing around in his muddy boots all over the hallowed halls of film criticism with his review “OUT OF THE FURNACE.”

In a vain attempt to be convivial, Judy always opens his pieces with some inane introduction that details how some aspect from his life (or some commonality) relates to the film he’s reviewing.

Here this takes the form of a two paragraph discussion about how “most living things need water and oxygen,” but when they get together, they create something “commonly known as rust.” The whole thing sounds like a Home Depot employee explaining oxidation to a three year old. How this relates to critiquing a film, albeit one set in the Rust Belt, is one for the ages.

As always, Judy finds convoluted ways to say things that normal homo sapiens find relatively simple. Each sentence is more twisted and deformed than the last, until they are all but unrecognizable as constructs of the English language. It doesn’t help that the punctuation here looks like a pin the tail on the donkey party at the psychiatric hospital.

The critique fares better, but not by much. It’s pedestrian at best and makes this one a complete no go for the distinguishing reader.    

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