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Graham Young’s “Movie Review: Gravity 3D (12A)”

In response to Graham Young’s 352‑word review of Gravity on Birmingham Mail

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Graham Young’s “Movie Review: Gravity 3D (12A)” is a surface only look at Gravity that feels like it was cobbled together from three separate false starts. The work lacks transitions as the focus shifts from plot, to imagery, to Alfonso Cuaron.  Review: Gravity keeps moving, but it doesn’t have a sense of direction.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, and Young does attempt to cover a lot of it, but it’s haphazard enough to border on the incoherent. In a work this short, it’s always risky to try to include a discussion of the director’s body of work with award season predictions.  Review: Gravity is a worst-case scenario of why that is.

While never offensively bad, Young’s work here never rises to any level of good either. It just sits as a lackadaisical mess.

The biggest problem with the work, choosing the yardstick of fellow film Captain Phillips as the ultimate measuring stick for Gravity.  That decision is both short-sited and off track. Knowing which of two films is better in relation to the other is, in the abstract a rather worthless piece of information, and ending a review on that note renders the whole thing disappointingly impotent.    

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