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Kevin Carr’s “Escape Plan” Lacks Effort and Reader Awareness

In response to Kevin Carr’s 545‑word review of Escape Plan on 7M Pictures

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Kevin Carr doesn’t seem to understand what the audience is looking for in his latest crafting “Escape Plan.” Audiences will be frustrated by the critic’s choice to offer more information on  50 Cent than the two main stars.  

Carr takes the usual personal approach in his Escape Plan, and offers up a tale of the 80s. The critic fortunately doesn’t dish out a long commentary about the ages of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, but also doesn’t inject any sizzle into his words. The opening sentence is indeed a statement, but not much else.

The critic begins to offer up film references in the second paragraph of Escape Plan, which is intriguing, but the reader will be curious to see what the critic has to say about the actual film.

Carr’s Escape Plan has one decent paragraph of plot summary, and follows it up with what appears to be the core analysis of the main characters. It’s tucked away right in the middle of the review, and the critic sadly won’t be producing any more thoughts on the leads.

Statements such as “Stallone is no novice to prison movies” and “Schwarzenegger brings the fun to the picture” are just not good enough. The critic describes the plot as “ludicrous” but says almost little to back up the statement. You’ll walk away from the review feeling unsatisfied and displeased.    

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