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Kirk Baird Is the Master of Hobbit Disaster in “Lighten Up”

In response to Kirk Baird’s 822‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Toledo Blade

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Kird Baird can walk with confidence down the streets of Toledo due to the wizard-like quality of his latest piece “Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug needs to lighten up, have fun.” The critic’s words of wisdom are so enlightening that even the greatest Hobbit nerds will say “well, frick…” as they slowly peel off their dwarf costumes.

Lighten Up opens with a gentle assault of crisp statements on why the film is such a gigantic failure. The construction is quite intriguing as The Bairdman begins with short paragraphs and slowly picks up the pace. It’s 100% pure critique and fans of K. B. will surely lose themselves in the work.

Although Martin Freeman’s Bilbo is only briefly mentioned in Lighten Up, one will certainly appreciate Baird’s devotion to acknowledging the main character who is so often left behind. The critic also makes excellent points about Peter Jackson’s directorial mistakes, which will frighten many Smauggers, however at the end of the day they can lie in bed and reflect upon the sharp and intellectual criticism.

Lighten Up concludes with Baird acknowledging Jackson’s “sense of wonder and fun,” which is a classy way to close out the piece after such a biting takedown. The critic shows his sharp teeth of criticism but then offers a grin. Hobbit-heads will undoubtedly walk away confused and rattled.

Kirk Baird brings the pain in Lighten Up like so many Method Mans.    

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