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Chris Nashawaty’s “Wolf of Wall Street” Is an Exhilarating Good Time

In response to Chris Nashawaty’s 501‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Entertainment Weekly,,20483133_20721957,00.html

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Chris Nashawaty continues to build his impressive portfolio of film reviews with his flashy and energetic “The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).” This critic has learned to balance smart insight with a pop culture everyman style that is as fresh as it is fun to read. And he is in strong form here.

Like the film (not to mention the film’s subject) of which he writes about, Nashawaty uses a full-steam-ahead approach in talking about a film covering a hectic and crazy time in recent history. Whether he’s calling the film a “new shoot-the-works epic” or talking about how the movie makes the audience “feel like they just snorted a Belushian mountain of blow,”  his no-holds-barred style grabs hold and pulls them along. It’s a tribute to his writing that the audience is more than willing to go along for the ride.

Like so many of this critic’s recent reviews, this one never talks down to the audience or try to impress with head-scratching analysis. This is not a critic who writes from Mount Olympus, but rather from right in the middle of the crowd, encouraging everyone to join in.

This review assumes that the audience is intelligent. But the reviewer also assumes that the audience shares his love for the work. It doesn’t matter whether it was a good film or a bad film or somewhere in between. The fun is in the process of finding out and talking about it.

The Wolf of Wall Street is  yet another triumph for this exciting reviewer. Don’t just read it—jump in with both feet. You’ll have an exhilarating good time.     

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