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Patience Does Not Pay Off in Steve Persall’s Pseudo-Review “True Winner”

In response to Steve Persall’s 504‑word review of Nebraska on Tampa Bay Times

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“Yet patience pays off, with a suitably minor triumph for such an unassuming man“—Steve Persall

Patience does not pay off for the reader in Steve Persall’s unbelievably brutal “critique” that is “Review: Bruce Dern is a true winner in Alexander Payne’s Nebraska.”

Persall seems to be confusing film criticism with a literal review in True Winner. The collection of paragraphs is indeed a review of a film in that it describes what happens. Is there a tiny bit of critique? Yes, and it’s not too bad.

A few paragraphs into True Winner, Persall offers a dose of poignant prose that addresses the performance of the septuagenarian Bruce Dern, and allows one to understand all the melancholy and frustration of his old body, face and soul. It’s a momentous occasion in the pseudo-review, and one should cherish this brief moment of analysis.

The rest of True Winner is plot summary, which will devastate not only the city of Tampa Bay, but perhaps Persallians as far south as M-I-A. The absence of true critique is a mystery, although the critic’s work could potentially be developed into a scary film criticism thriller. Hashtag fail.

True Winner is visually elegant, which does not mean that Steve Persall is a big winner. No, the piece is classic anti-criticism that should be temporarily jailed by Captain Critique and his squad.

Steve Persall’s True Winner is not fit for review connoisseurs or anyone else for that matter. Watch the trailer if you want to familiarize yourself with the plot.    

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