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Mara Reinstein’s Gushing “Catching Fire” Is for Super Fans Only

In response to Mara Reinstein’s 588‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Us Weekly

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After reading “Hunger Games Catching Fire Review: Sequel Delivers to Loyal Fans of the Book,” this much can be said:  Mara Reinstein has read the Hunger Games series of books and she loves them. What isn’t entirely clear is how fastidious she was about separating her love of the novels from her duties as a critic.

Too often the criticisms take the form of comparisons between the book and the film: “Sam Claflin is not quite as rugged as he’s portrayed in the book.” “Every major beat from the book is hit with precision.” Other times, the critique gets so insider-only that people unfamiliar with the books (i. e. a large portion of the readership) will be left in the dark.

Reinstein does include some some cursory analysis that’s blessedly independent of the book, but there’s far too little and the review as a whole feels like a love fest for Suzanne Collins’s works.

The writing maintains a cheerful tone, but it’s mostly pedestrian stuff and, while US Weekly may not be known for having the highest editorial standards, a glaring typo in the first paragraph is evidence that very little care was given to putting together a quality article.

This one’s for Katniss worshipers only.    

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