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Steven Rea Unveils the New Observation-Description Style in “More Generic”

In response to Steven Rea’s 599‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Philadelphia Inquirer

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If you have never heard of a movie trailer, and are unfamiliar with the concept, Steven Rea will describe the film for you in “Thor’s back, more generic than ever.” The work has a startling lack of original thought, and the observations could be communicated to you from Johnny down the block or anyone with eyes. It’s difficult to understand what exactly Rea was trying to accomplish.

More generic is a pseudo-review that dances around ideas such as director techniques, plot devices and acting. One will certainly learn how Asgard has changed from the original, and how Rea feels about the language of the Dark Elves, but the rest of the material is apparently review kryptonite.

Steven Rea fails to produce any original thoughts on the main players, and the audience may silently weep and gasp for air. Rea literally names off the actors in the movie and says nothing else. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman? Yes, they are in the film and Steven Rea will tell you that.

More generic refuses to address the film as a stand-alone, and all Rea actually does is identify what is different from the original. By the conclusion, the critic offers a few more cryptic thoughts and calls it a day.

Steven Rea’s more generic accomplishes little, and one would be better off watching a trailer.    

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