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“Gravity” by Peter Travers Is Tactical and Minful of Audience

In response to Peter Travers’s 430‑word review of Gravity on Rolling Stone

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Peter Travers looks after his loyal readers in “Gravity” by providing an entertaining read, but also allowing them to experience the film in their own special way.

The concise opening of Travers‘ Gravity is strengthened by strong statements, and connects with brilliant phrasing that will have a striking impact on the reader. Words such as “lifetime” and “master” effectively convey the critic’s view on the acting and directing, and Travers intelligently addresses his audience by placing them in the space footsteps of the lead.

Gravity makes the inevitable reference to “2001: A Space Odyssey”, however the technique in doing so is outstanding. Readers will wish his reference was the first and the only, as they prove that specific words will have a huge impact on the audience.

After the necessary plot summary, the final paragraph of Travers‘ Gravity addresses the accomplishments of the production team, while noting some flaws, but ultimately conveys to the reader what has been achieved technically and it’s importance to cinema. It is a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful review.

The highlight of Travers‘ Gravity is the way that Travers can encapsulate an extraordinary amount of feeling in a brief amount of words. Each sentence is crafted beautifully, and the visuals communicated to the reader will have a lasting effect. It’s the perfect example of precision writing.    

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