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“Early Oscar Buzz” by Kevin A. Ranson Makes the Biggest Error of All

In response to Kevin A. Ranson’s 551‑word review of Gravity on

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Kevin A. Ranson will please his core audience in “Revew: Gravity (Sandra Bullock and the Early Oscar Buzz),” sadly, the review is an awkward mess.

The biggest problem with Early Oscar Buzz is Ranson’s failure to acknowledge director Alfonso Cuaron. When a film critic doesn’t provide the name of the director, then one should expect not to receive any valuable information on techniques whatsoever.

Early Oscar Buzz is also a visual disaster. The reader will easily be turned away by a complete lack of images or video. Ranson shows little respect for his audience by refusing to offer them a complete review experience.

The opening paragraph of Early Oscar Buzz not only has spelling mistakes, but is awkward and stressful to read. Ranson’s tone comes across as if he saw the film, and wrote about it quick. Perhaps a more thorough approach could have improved the piece.

To Ranson’s credit, Early Oscar Buzz is direct, especially as regards the performance of George Clooney. Though this isn’t the most impressive of analysis, Ranson at least makes a statement and follows through.

The final paragraph about Sandra Bullock is a nice moment of Early Oscar Buzz, however one will likely wish Ranson could have been as thorough in the entire piece. It comes too late and provides too little redemption.

The failure to mention director Alfonso Cuaron immediately makes Early Oscar Buzz feel out of touch and untrustworthy. Half-baked. Unprofessional. Ranson clearly has a lot of room to grow as a critic, and it will be interesting to see whether some of these rough edges and weaknesses can be improved going forward.    

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