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Jeremy Aspinall Promises “No New Paragraphs” in “Thor”

In response to Jeremy Aspinall’s 358‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Radio Times

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Jeremy Aspinall’s enter button may have been broken when he wrote “Thor 2” because there’s not a paragraph break to be found here, leaving readers to stare at a behemoth block of uninterrupted text.

It’s distracting, and that’s unfortunate, because Aspinall does an admirable job critiquing the new entry in Marvel’s blockbuster franchise. He’s a fan, giving the actors high praise: “Hiddleston is at his mellifluously malevolent best while Hemsworth shows genuine godlike poise as he puts the hammer down on his numerous foes” and the film’s a “thrill-packed extravaganza” with “bone-crushing smack downs” and “laugh out loud moments.”

The writing isn’t going to rewrite your worldview, but it’s above average. Aspinall has considerable charm and it comes through in this review, making it a light, easy read. It’s not knee-slappingly hilarious (it probably won’t even register an audible chuckle) but its humor is of the pleasant, oh-that’s-cute variety, which works just fine.

There is a little laziness here. RadioTimes includes a section for the plot summary, but that doesn’t stop Aspinall from using half of his verdict space for more plot summarization. A no-no, especially for an article this teeny tiny short.

In all, this one’s decent enough to warrant a read from more die hard review fans.    

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