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Kurt Loder Brings the Payne in “Nebraska”

In response to Kurt Loder’s 926‑word review of Nebraska on Reason Online

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One can almost visualize Kurt Loder in deep thought while reading “Nebraska and Charlie Countryman.” The careful telling of the story will please the review connoisseur, and one may even reach out to Loder about the possibility of reviews on tape.

Loder is high on the performance of Bruce Dern in Nebraska, and it’s not difficult to see that Loder has felt the Payne. The critic turns back the clock and recounts cinematic tales for the curious reader. “Tell me more, Mr. Loder” will be silently whispered by many.

Nebraska is highlighted by the analysis of the two leads. Loder sinks his teeth in Dern’s performance and brings his story to life with brilliant phrasing. “Crusty old coot” has the potential to be the hottest new handle on social media. The critic also provides Jack Handey-like deep thoughts on Will Forte and predicts a possible turn in the actor’s career. One will feel satisfied by the fine detailing.

Loder provides a complete plot summary in Nebraska, and makes the read entertaining by inserting small thought bombs along the way. By the time the critic reaches the concluding paragraphs, one may feel a slight sensation of dizziness due the Loder load of critique. The critic caps the experience with class and honor.

Nebraska is not next-level material, but Kurt Loder definitely brings the Payne.    

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