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Peter Howell Is Selected for the Film Summary Games in “Mind Games”

In response to Peter Howell’s 622‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Toronto Star

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Welcome to the Film Summary Games—a competition where critics battle it out to see who can offer the most stylized writing, while providing nothing of importance about the film. Peter Howell is a strong competitor with his lackluster “Review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—let the mind games begin.”

The most intriguing aspect of Mind Games is the introduction, in which Howell offers the reader a tiny bit of hope for the reader. One may tense up due to the critic’s words on battlefields of the mind, and the slow build-up is wildly effective. And then it gets nasty.

Mind Games is one large summary, and it’s only mildly entertaining because of a few well-placed jokes by Howell. Comparing the games to Survivor is not entirely original, but it’s an effort, and the audience certainly appreciates a critic who attempts to write a good review. However, Mind Games is not quite a review—it’s a recap featuring a few personal thoughts.

The idea of addressing the performances of the actors, especially the lead, or producing thoughts on the content of the film is not to be found in Mind Games. Howell merely takes the audience through the action until he closes by essentially saying that the cast is “capable.” End of re-cap. Have a nice day.

Mind Games may be remembered as a group of words that exists, but not for its critique, which is non-existent.    

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