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Miraudo’s “Cheers—The World’s End” Deserves a Standing Ovation Itself

In response to Simon Miraudo’s 704‑word review of The World's End on Quickflix

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You can really tell when some just “gets it” and it couldn’t be anymore apparent that Simon here get’s The World’s End.

In his write-up “Cheers—The World’s End Review“ Miraudo understands the allegory being setup by filmmaker Edgar Wright. There is a dichotomy here between homage and satire and we are given plenty of reasons why this combination works so well within the context of the final film in what is being called “The Cornetto Trilogy.” The review hones in on the heartfelt nature of the film and the sense of closure it is trying to bring to Edgar’s franchises.

The review does very little in the way of spoiling key scenes or plot developments and for that heaping amounts of praise is given. The writing leaves little to be desired and Simon comes across as more of a fan then a critic, which is refreshing in that there is a level of contentedness here that would normally be absent.  It helps to establish the context of the film in relation to the director.

Mr. Miraudo put together an excellent review that can easily be placed in the upper echelon of critiques for this film. He seems to have absorbed everything the film was attempting to say and then some; a in doing so he gives us readers a lot to think about before seeing the film. A worthy review deserving of more than a round of applause.    

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