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Mark Ellis Gets Personal in “The Counselor”

In response to Mark Ellis’s 387‑word review of The Counselor on Schmoes Know

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Hey Schmoes Knows guys; after downing some Ritalin at your kind suggestion and watching (yes, not just reading), your review of The Counselor, you’ll be happy to know that this is not an eyeball-melting monument to awfulness.

In fact, it’s quite good. Mark Ellis is a likable presenter who keeps things moving (though some tightening wouldn’t hurt), offers legitimate criticism and throws in some genuinely funny quips.

This is a site called Schmoes Knows. There’s no expectation of a penetrating look at the film’s roots in the French Remodernist movement. Not all critics need to be professorial and offer the world pompously bloated and overwrought critiques. There’s enough of that out there already and Schmoes instead opts to fill the sizable niche for this type of amiable, screwy critique.

In the same way that Dumb and Dumber is not measured with the same ruler as Schindler’s List, Schmoes shouldn’t be yardsticked against Leonard Maltin.  

Yes, the writing here is not Pulitzer caliber; there are problems with flow, the syntax is a mixed bag and the piece struggles to find a consistent tone, but if judged by the video, (a format vastly better suited for this material) you’ve got a review that gets the job done well.    

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