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Johanson’s Emotionally-Charged “I Give It a Year (Review)” Leaves Audiences Satisfied

In response to MaryAnn Johanson’s 893‑word review of I Give It a Year on Flick Filosopher

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While there is obviously no love lost between MaryAnn Johanson and this film, she doesn’t take the easy way out and obliterate the movie with a blind hatred. Instead, she successfully uses intelligent humor throughout “I Give It a Year (review)”. The result is a damning oratory that will resound in the ears of readers long after they have read the last word.

Imagine meeting up with a friend at the bar after a hard day’s work—except instead of crunching numbers or placing numerous cold calls—she had to endure a film she couldn’t stand and can’t wait to unleash her fury. That is Johanson’s review. Her rants are many, but her mind is clear and focused. She has a lot to say, and needs to say it, but not to vent, to warn.

She addresses her audience with a casual voice and makes no apologies for her review. She is brutally honest and takes the reader step by step as to why she feels the way she does. Perhaps most noticeable is her ability to refine her harshness with an eloquence that shows that Johanson knows how to support her views. A truly fantastic read through and through.    

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