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Robbie Collin’s “Gravity, Venice Film Festival” Is a Casual Space Walk

In response to Robbie Collin’s 774‑word review of Gravity on Daily Telegraph

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With “Gravity, Venice Film Festival 2013, review,” critic Robbie Collin provides an idyllic stroll through an intense thriller. Those two things may seem at odds, but here that is refreshingly not the case.

Collin deftly weaves between plot and analysis, providing occasional links to external information that enhance the reader’s understanding of the content. The end result is like watching puzzle pieces fall into place without the frustration of not knowing where some of them should go.

There are some occasional distractions along the way. The “Related Articles” section that interrupts the review partway through, for instance, has a few links to articles that are not even tenuously related to the subject at hand. For the most part, though, the review flows nicely, both visually and stylistically.

Gravity is a force to be reckoned with, but Collin does not let it weigh him down. Instead, he provides a review that is both light and informative, dense yet unpretentious. Where other writers might let the seriousness of the subject drag their review into an excess of portentousness,  Collin does not.  Gravity, Venice Film Festival is informative and a delight to read. It is truly one of the best Gravity reviews of 2013 so far.    

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