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Gary Wolcott’s “The World’s End” Is Choppy and Awkward

In response to Gary Wolcott’s 417‑word review of The World's End on Tri-City Herald

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“The World’s End” by Gary Wolcott has moments of inspiration, but ultimately falls flat in content and tone.

There is an absence of Hemingway’s “one true statement” to open the piece, and Wolcott immediately jumps into the story with a brief yet boring description of the main plot. The construction of the sentences direct one to a general idea, but refrain from spending too much energy in further explanation.

Wolcott opens the door, but never lets the reader in. Instead, one is left peeking through the windows to see what’s inside.

In the middle section of this average tale, it appears that Wolcott may begin to expand on themes and the backstory of the main character, but drops the idea after two sentences like a bad habit. The co-stars are briefly discussed, then one short and awkward paragraph is used to acknowledge director Edgar Wright and co-writer/director Simon Pegg. The whole affair feels very half-baked, as if an editor cobbled together four incomplete reviews into one.

Style and substance is missing from The World’s and the whole review seems to be a setup for Wolcott’s ice cream joke as the finale. The problem with this particular strategy is that this Ice Cream Man forgot to deliver the goods. How many scoops? At least one, please!   

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