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Daniel Eagan’s “Review Escape” Offers Enough to Not Make One Upset

In response to Daniel Eagan’s 492‑word review of Escape Plan on Film Journal International

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Daniel Eagan looks after his readers in “Film Review: Escape Plan,” however the critic fails to see much about the actual film. One will appreciate the offering of basic information, but dream of a review in which the film is thoroughly analyzed.

Review: Escape opens on a bright note with an original and informative take on the film. Unfortunately, the introductory paragraphs contains the highest concentration of analysis in the entire review.

The second paragraph informs the reader about the performance of Sylvester Stallone, and one will surely be enlightened and prepare for a comprehensive review.

Review: Escape contains two paragraphs of uninteresting plot summary, and Eagan does little to make his words stand out. “Will they succeed?” is just not good enough, and frankly quite disappointing. The critic glides over the names of the supporting cast without providing one single thought about their performances. One may feel satisfied if “sadistic” and “acerbic” are acceptable.

The closing statements in Review: Escape are thin and weak. Eagan does offer a bit of insight on the performance of Schwarzenegger, but feels the need to remind the audience that the leads are not able to accomplish what they could twenty-five years ago.

Review: Escape concludes with an intriguing statement, but is not enough to make up for the overall lack of thought on the film.    

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