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Rob Carnevale’s “‘Prisoners” Is a Five-Star Presentation

In response to Rob Carnevale’s 312‑word review of Prisoners on The List

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Rob Carnevale’s “‘Prisoners: ’ A gripping, intense and emotionally complex thriller starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal” arrives with a concise intensity that doesn’t frolic around with excessive contextual baggage or verbiage. Carnevale jumps right into plot summary so that the reading audience immediately knows what Prisoners is all about, which is a very satisfying experience.

The review is layered with strategic links that the reader is likely to find interesting. The visual presentation of the review is outstandingly showcased on a web-page entirely—yes, entirely—devoted to Prisoners and other movies, which effectively elevates this review status among the highest ranks. Readers may also choose to partake in the trailer housed below the review.

While the review is short on words, Cline doesn’t lose sight of the intricate human emotions involved for every reader who ventures into the review. This review executes the kind of compelling writing that works precisely because the reviewer refuses to give away too much information. Cline’s look at one of the negative aspects of the film makes the review feel ideally balanced by a writer with Libran skill.

Carnevale’s ability to keep the audience gripped with a finely executed writing style and tone are sure to leave a lasting impression.    

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