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Julian Roman “Gravity” Is Ready for Scholarly Publication

In response to Julian Roman’s 574‑word review of Gravity on MovieWeb

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This review entitled “Gravity’ by Julian Roman is a well-worded piece with strong language that could be found within the world of academia. From the start, Roman uses elevated language to dance through a flowery but direct description of the film.

The sentences roll delicately off the tongue and the reader seems to glide through the review rather than stumble through it. The language used is the perfect blend that will neither alienate the audience who might feel as if they need a dictionary to understand the words nor demean those who enjoy extended metaphors and cultivated adjectives.

Intertwined with a stimulating sentence formulation, Roman also throws in bits of random facts that pertain to the film and are relevant in understanding the full majesty of the work as a whole. Random details about the director, the actors, or even elements of the special effects that are mentioned in this review prove how Roman finds pleasure in the details.

The presentation of the review is bare and minimalist.  A small picture of the film cover, an overall rating, and a quote from the review itself are the only things setting it apart visually. Luckily, the mouthful of a review provided keeps the audience entertained enough to overlook the lack of visual effort. A very solid review, founded in research and based on careful analysis. This one’s a keeper.    

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