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Stephen Silver’s “Movie Review: ‘Gravity’ (Take 1) Is a Bad Take

In response to Stephen Silver’s 359‑word review of Gravity on EntertainmentTell

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Every now and then a review comes along that is so woefully misinformed that it’s almost comical. Almost. But not quite. After all, it is the film critic’s duty to be informed, and to help the reader make informed decisions. Steven Silver falls far short of that goal with “Movie Review: ‘Gravity’ (Take 1.)”

Here’s one big meta-spoiler alert for you, because it’s impossible to tackle how badly done this review is without providing direct examples of the facts Silver gets wrong. First off, he states that’s the film was shot in 3D. In fact, all the 3D was done in post-production.  He goes on to claim that the film is “not even, really, science fiction.” That is, really, incorrect.

Take out those two glaring errors and Movie Review: “Gravity” could pass for a perfectly acceptable, middle-of-the-road review. Silver expresses an appreciation for the movie without coming across as a fanboy, primarily by providing solid reasoning for his opinions. This won’t be mistaken for an art house review, but it could have squeaked by on its charm.

Unfortunately, charm is not enough to save a review as factually flawed as Movie Review: “Gravity.” If this is indeed “take 1,” then let’s hope that “take 2” was done after a revisiting of the facts.    

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